Safe House Update

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15 Oct’17 – Here are new pictures of the construction of the Family Koper House in Lombok. We would like to use the proceeds of the Family Koper Concert this weekend for the final account of the building and possibly landscaping and interior of the house. When everything goes as planned, the first group of […]


Annual Dental Check by DDFI

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12 Oct’17 – Just like the years before, our kids and staff were very lucky to have our dental check every year, performed by Dental Development Foundation Indonesia (DDFI) dentists and assistant dentists from the Netherlands.


Sunday Morning with GBIP Immanuel Church Mataram

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3 Sep’17 – We had a special Sunday morning, thanks to the visit of the youths of GBIP Immanuel Church, Bung Karno, Mataram. On this social event “Bergerak dengan Nyata” (Real Movement) they donated clothes and staple food to peduli Anak.


Night Bazaar at Sudamala Resorts Lombok

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28 Aug’17 – One of luxurious resorts in Lombok, Sudamala Resorts, invited Peduli Anak to join their night bazaar. We gladly accepted their offer and we sent our pantomime troupe and children along with the handicrafts they made in Art class to be sold at the bazaar.


Home Improvement and Painting Training with Jotun Paint

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16 June’17 – Jotun Paint, one of the leading paint companies in the world, donated paint and training class for Peduli Anak. Since Peduli Anak’s establishment 11 years ago, many parts of our buildings need to be repainted and some even fully renovated.


Breaking the Fast with OJK NTB

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9 June’17 – The Financial Service Authority of West Nusa Tenggara (OJK NTB) organized a break-fasting event in Peduli Anak. This is part of their Ramadan Charity event they held every year. 


One-Day Visit Universiti Putra Malaysia

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7 May’17 – Postgraduate Students of Communication Development of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) visited Peduli Anak this weekend to meet our children and staff and learn more about Peduli Anak.