Ramli’s Internship at Aruna Senggigi Hotel

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19/8/18 – Ramli is one of our children who is in Grade 11, studying Hospitality Management. He’s now doing his internship at Aruna Hotel, Senggigi, Lombok.  Ramli works 6 days a week for 3 months. He is working for the Housekeeping department. He starts working from 8 am to 4 pm. Ramli likes his work and he […]


Off the Beaten Path Part 2

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Off the Beaten Path Part 2: Delivering Donations to Remote Villages and Minorities in North Lombok Sunday, 16th September, we packed up our cars again to distribute donations to villages in North Lombok. This time our goodwill ambassador from the United States, Marco, and volunteer nurse, Nomi, joined the trip together with our Director, Cofounders, […]


Hear Me Now – Music Video for Earthquake Victims and Peduli Anak

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10/9/18 – Hear Me is a song dedicated to the earthquake victims in Lombok. It is like their soft voice to stay strong and optimistic in this troubled time. We’re touched and honored that these 12 amazing musicians and YouTubers collaborate to create the song and urge you to help the children in Peduli Anak Foundation, […]


Hollandse Club Charity Dinner for Peduli Anak

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1/9/18 – Hollandse Club, Singapore, organizes a charity dinner for Peduli Anak on 7 September 2018. Our Cofounders, Martina & Chaim, will be there to share information about the current situations on Lombok and to answer your questions. If you’re in Singapore, book your ticket now at http://hollandseclub.org.sg/lombok/. Don’t worry if you cannot attend, you […]


Dangerous Asbestos Found in Destroyed Lombok Houses Post-Earthquakes

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30/8/18 – Asbestos is used widely in roof constructions for most houses here because of its inexpensiveness. When the earthquakes damaged the houses, the asbestos roofs fell and broke. A broken asbestos roof is a health risk, especially to those exposed to it for a period of time. In this video, our Founder, Chaim Fetter, […]


Off the Beaten Path in North Lombok

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  25/8/18 –  Today, we delivered donations to North Lombok. This time we were accompanied by a photographer (Ahmad Zamroni), cameraman (Ardilles), and audio man (Andi) who volunteered from Jakarta. As usual we packed our two cars with basic necessities like rice, noodle, water, blankets, diapers and pads, vitamins, etc. We took the Senggigi route […]


Press Release: Never Ending Earthquakes in Lombok

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20/8/18 – After the devastating earthquakes in Lombok the past 3 weeks, Lombok was struck again today. In the past 24 hours 13 earthquakes between a 5 and 7 magnitude hit the island. As a volunteer at Peduli Anak (www.pedulianak.org) I traveled 200 kilometers by car through the north of Lombok, the epicenter of most […]


Delivering Donations to Nearby Villages

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17/8/18 – Thousands of people in surrounding villages lost their homes. We don’t have enough food, water, noodles, blankets, but we share what we have with the children and their families that lost their homes in the nearby villages. In the meantime, we are trying to survive in our tents and hope that the earth […]


Meeting with Governors and CEO of Kitabisa.com

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  16/8/18 – Right after the magnitude 7 earthquake hit Lombok on August 5th, Peduli Anak immediately set up fundraising campaigns on several platforms, among them is on Kitabisa.com, the leading fundraising campaign in Indonesia. Today the CEO of Kitabisa.com, Alfatih Timur, and his team visited Peduli Anak. They were concerned to see the damages […]


Update Lombok Earthquake 12/8/18

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Dear friends & donors, we have compiled an update (in English and Nederlands) per 11/8/18 detailing the situation in Peduli Anak during this horrible disaster. Below you can also find photo impressions and our live interview for the BBC News 8/8/18. Everyone is unharmed and safe at Peduli Anak. It has been almost two weeks […]