Celebrating Our Young Achievers at Peduli Anak Primary School

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30 May 2024 – We are incredibly proud of the students at Peduli Anak Primary School for their outstanding achievements in the recent sub-district educational competitions. Our talented children brought home an impressive five trophies, showcasing their dedication and hard work.

In the Science competition, our brilliant student Yeyen secured the first place, demonstrating her exceptional knowledge and skills. In the Speech contest, Mila wowed everyone with her eloquence, earning the first place, while Sahrul’s compelling speech earned him the third place.

Our pride extends to the pantomime division, where Farizi and Ridoan maintained their streak of excellent performances, winning first place. The Athletic competition saw our dynamic team, consisting of Ridoan, Yeyen, and Reyzo, securing third place, further highlighting their versatility and teamwork. These achievements reflect the incredible talent and determination of our students, and we couldn’t be prouder of their success.

Mr. Muhammadun, the Principal of Peduli Anak Primary School, expressed his immense pride and hope for the students, stating, “I am extremely proud of our students for their remarkable achievements. Their hard work and dedication have truly paid off, and they have set a wonderful example for their peers. My hope is that these accomplishments inspire all our students to strive for excellence in all their endeavors. We will continue to support and nurture their talents to help them reach their full potential.”

Congratulations to all our young champions for making us proud!