Peduli Anak is a Dutch-Indonesian charity non-profit organization in Lombok, Indonesia, dedicated to providing family like care, education, family care, medical and legal support to thousands of neglected and abused children whom have been placed in our care by Indonesian child social services.

We have 14 family-like houses available for maximum 10 children per house. In the family home, the children are being taken care of by a mother figure, mimicking a real family environment.

With this living arrangement, we can help children who have experienced trauma and troubled past from being overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings of the past.

We believe by providing our children a safe home, healthy life, quality education and most importantly love, we encourage them to develop to their full potential and work towards positive changes in their life and others.

Peduli Anak provides temporary and permanent family-like care for children referred by the Child Social Agency. Our fundamental goal is to reunite children with their families if possible. We provide care for children who are awaiting placement in suitable alternative care or are in process of reuniting with their family.