save a child from
poverty, exploitation
and violence


help underprivileged
children in indonesia



Apriadi Syah Putra

Apriadi Syah Putra, known as Putra, is the oldest child and was raised in a poor family. His father left to work on Su...

Nuris Sholihin

Nuris Sholihin, known as Solihin, is from a poor family. He was the only child of divorced parents and used to live wi...


Arman is the youngest of four. He used to live in a small, dirty house of only one room and limited facilities with hi...

Messya Yolanda

Messya Yolanda, usually called as Yola, is the second child of two. Her parents divorced, leaving Yola and her brother...

Bentar Rama Putra

Bentar Rama Putra is the third child in his family. His mother died when he was little. He then lived with his father...

Zaenudin Azhari

Zaenudin Azhari, or known as Zaenudin, is the second child of three. His father works at a recycle company in the vill...

Muhammad Ramli

Muhammad Ramli, commonly known as Ramli, is from a poor family and was the third child of four. He used to live modest...

Ahmad Saputra

Ahmad Saputra, or usually called as Aji, is a neglected child. The Child Protection Services to Peduli Anak. In Peduli...

Muhammad Ali Gifary

Muhammad Ali Gifary or Ali, used to live in a dirty small house together with his mother, stepfather and three half-br...

Johan Rosandi

Johan lives with his parents in a small house in Sangiang. His father works as a construction worker. Johan’s mo...

About Peduli Anak

Peduli Anak Foundation helps underprivileged children in Indonesia by providing family-based residential care, education, family care, medical treatment, and legal support. Peduli Anak received a Grade A accreditation from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social Affairs.

“Every child in the world deserves a chance to live a happy and healthy life, free from poverty, exploitation, and violence.” READ MORE

Help us to rebuild after the Lombok earthquakes

As some of you might know, our foundation for underprivileged former street children on the Indonesian island of Lombok was hit by an earthquake of 7 on the scale of Richter. Fortunately, all children managed to get out safely. However, the shelter homes, schools and other facilities on Peduli Anak's project area are heavily damaged. We are now facing the challenging task of rebuilding the foundation from the ground up.

How To Help

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  • Kontes Lagu

    5/5/19 - Kontes membuat lagu bertema “Anak jalanan” seperti lagu dari Tegar – “Aku Yang Dulu... READ MORE

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  • April 2019 Newsletter – Building for a Brighter Future on Multiple Fronts

    The installation of the roof of the first four houses (8 homes) has started and we... READ MORE

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  • Misleidende Donatie Acties op

    24/04/2019 - Het werk van Peduli Anak, voor de kansarme kinderen op het eiland Lombok, is... READ MORE