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About Peduli Anak

Peduli Anak Foundation * is a non-profit organization for child welfare in Lombok and Sumbawa, Indonesia dedicated to providing family-like care, education, in-home family care, medical and legal support to thousands of underprivileged, neglected and abused children who have been placed in our centers by the Indonesian child social services.

* Also known as Yayasan Peduli Anak / LKSA Peduli Anak / Stichting Peduli Anak


Provide Free Healthcare Services

Peduli Anak aids underprivileged children in West Nusa Tenggara with a devoted team of caregivers, counselors, and psychologists. Presently, we have a small clinic serving Lombok and Sumbawa children.

Help us expand and improve our clinic, offering free medical care to more underprivileged children and local communities.

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Berita Terbaru

20 January 2024 – Peduli Anak welcomed the Komunitas Teman Bicara Sejiwa – a community of young doctors working on adolescent health in West Nusa Tenggara. During this visit, 14 young doctors participated in administering the House Tree Person Test (HTP) and the Strength and Difficult Questionnaire (SDQ) to determine the personality and emotional state […]

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3 January 2024 – Last Saturday, the staff and children of Peduli Anak embarked on a delightful journey to celebrate the new year. Their destination was Elak-Elak Beach, a beach with white sand and gentle waves in Lombok. At the beach, various activities were organized specifically to strengthen the bonds among the staff. Meanwhile, the […]

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27 December 2023 – Once again, the routine event with Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort was held. This time, the team from Sheraton organized a singing and dancing competition. The children were very enthusiastic to participate. Four teams showcased their talents on stage, displaying their dancing skills. Then, five other children participated in the singing competition. […]

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18 December 2023 – We were honored to receive a visit from the West Sumatra Social Service and members of the West Sumatra Parliament on their comparative study tour to West Nusa Tenggara. During this visit, the guests had the opportunity to tour and see the various facilities we provide at Peduli Anak for the […]

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14 December 2023 – On this day, Peduli Anak School held an event entitled “The Nusantara Festival of Local Wisdom in Art and Culture.” In this event, children from primary and middle schools were actively involved in art performances and a bazaar. Some showcased their artistic skills on stage, while others created products for sale […]

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8 December 2023 – We are always grateful for all the support we receive. Especially recently, PwC Indonesia – a multinational accounting services network, donated 75 of their preloved Lenovo ThinkPad laptops to the Peduli Anak school. Such a generous donation is undoubtedly very beneficial for the children at Peduli Anak, especially now that the […]

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