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About Peduli Anak

Peduli Anak Foundation * is a non-profit organization for child welfare in Lombok and Sumbawa, Indonesia dedicated to providing family-like care, education, in-home family care, medical and legal support to thousands of underprivileged, neglected and abused children who have been placed in our centers by the Indonesian child social services.

* Also known as Yayasan Peduli Anak / LKSA Peduli Anak / Stichting Peduli Anak


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Give Free Health Treatment

Peduli Anak helps thousands underprivileged children in West Nusa Tenggara province. Our team of caregivers, counselors, and psychologists give them attention, care and affection around the clock. Of course, healthcare is an important part of the daily life at Peduli Anak. At the moment, we only have a small clinic to meet the demands of the of children we care for in Lombok and Sumbawa.

Help us to improve and expand our clinic and health care and provide free medical treatment for more underprivileged children and local communities.

How To Help

Berita Terbaru

9 March 2023 – As an organization for children’s welfare, we are delighted to receive support from various parties, whether it is from individuals or other organizations. This support is a great help not only for the children under our care but also for Peduli Anak staff. One form of support we receive is knowledge. […]

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8 March 2023 – Egi, one of our children, participated in a speech contest representing Peduli Anak Primary School. The contest featured students from other primary schools in the sub-district. At first, Egi was nervous about the competition, but he overcame his fears after going on stage. With his heart beating fast, Egi greeted the […]

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25 February 2023 – The children joined a sushi-making class with The Hungry Sushi team. It was such a fun experience for them, as they got to try making sushi for the first time. Some of the children were fascinated with the shape of the sushi. “We are grateful to the children for welcoming us, […]

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5 November 2022 – Fifteen of our children joined a painting workshop with tutors from Serunih Art Studio at Peduli Anak. They had been waiting for this opportunity and welcomed the tutor with bright smiles. They also asked many questions about painting even before the activity began.   In this event, the children learned how to […]

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13 September 2022 – Today, Ria, one of our children, graduates from university. She was majoring in counseling education at UNDIKMA (Universitas Pendidikan Mandalika). She also graduates with excellent grades and becomes one of a few cum laude graduates. “Without Peduli Anak, I would never ever dare to dream of even going to a university,” […]

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17 August 2022 – On this date, we celebrated Indonesian Independence Day. The celebration was quite lively this year. So many games were held for the children! The children were so passionate about playing them all. They teamed up with their housemates and competed against teams from other houses. This event was organized by our […]

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