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About Peduli Anak

Peduli Anak Foundation * is a non-profit organization for child welfare in Lombok and Sumbawa, Indonesia dedicated to providing family-like care, education, in-home family care, medical and legal support to thousands of underprivileged, neglected and abused children who have been placed in our care by the Indonesian child social services.

* Also locally known as Yayasan Peduli Anak and LKSA Peduli Anak

“Every child in the world deserves a chance to live a happy and healthy life, free from poverty, exploitation, and violence.” READ MORE

Anelia Putri

Anelia Putri or Anel, is the youngest of two. Due to undisclosed circumstances, she is referred to Peduli Anak by the...

Reza M. Asbulah

Reza M. Asbulah is the fourth child of six. He used to live with his parents and siblings in a small house made of bam...


Srianah comes from a broken family. She lives with her father and two brothers in a village nearby Peduli Anak. Her fa...

Sanisu Anggraini

Sanisu comes from a low income family. She lives with her parents and 2 brothers in a village nearby Peduli Anak.  He...

Aulia Marlina

Aulia Marlina lives with her mother, stepfather and her stepbrother. Her step-father is a porter and her mother is a h...

Aprilia Anggraeni

Aprilia Anggraeni or Lia is the fourth child of six. Her parents do odd jobs and do not have a stable income. This con...

Miftahul Zaelani

Miftahul or Tahul is the third child of five. He lives with his parents and other siblings in a small house with a dir...

Cintia Listianti

Cintia Imega Listianti or usually called Cintia is the second child of three. She is at high risk of dropping out of s...

Siti Aisyah

Siti Aisyah or Siti comes from a broken home family. After her parents divorced, she was separated from her 3 siblings...

Agum Pandita

Agum comes from a broken home family. He’s the 4th child of six. His parents divorced and he lived with his fath...

Penggalangan Dana

Rp 740,000 terkumpul dari Rp 75,000,000
55 hari lagi
Rp 600,000 terkumpul dari Rp 25,000,000
83 hari lagi
Rp 2,888,000 terkumpul dari Rp 50,000,000
57 hari lagi
Rp 24,344,000 terkumpul dari Rp 100,000,000
53 hari lagi

Help us to rebuild after the Lombok earthquakes

Our foundation for underprivileged former street children on the Indonesian island of Lombok was hit by an earthquake of 7 on the scale of Richter. Fortunately, all children managed to get out safely. However, the shelter homes, schools and other facilities on Peduli Anak's project area are heavily damaged. We are now facing the challenging task of rebuilding the foundation from the ground up.

How To Help

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  • Our Statement on COVID-19 Epidemic

    22/3/20 - Dear friends, following the West Nusa Tenggara Governor’s recommendation, we are temporarily closed to... READ MORE

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  • Medical Students Organized The Lombok Project

    2/2/20 - Last week, 24 medical students from Universiti Sains Malaysia in collaboration with Peduli Anak... READ MORE

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  • The Marriott Group Donates Medical Supplies for PA Clinic

    14/12/19 - Today we received a visit from Sheraton Lombok and Marriott group. They donated medical... READ MORE