Chaim Fetter – Co-Founder & Chairman of the Executive Board

Coming from a family where healthcare has been a predominant theme for decades, Chaim has been interested in development work for all his life. Branching away from the family tradition early in life, he became an entrepreneur at the age of 16 when he established his first ICT company in the Netherlands. Within a few years, he was the owner of several other ICT related businesses. Despite financial prosperity, he felt something was missing in his life, and a few journeys through Asia roused his interest in different cultures and people.

When he saw many street children on the streets of Indonesia, he was moved to do something to help them. Together with his childhood friend Bjørn he founded the Peduli Anak Foundation in 2005. Currently Chaim lives in Jakarta where he is building and managing Southeast Asia’s fastest growing e-classifieds platform, named Jualo

Bjørn Dudok van Heel – Co-Founder & Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Bjørn is a Dutch entrepreneur with broad experience in the field of incubating, operating and scaling businesses across emerging markets. After having travelled intensively across Asia, he and Chaim decided to deliver a meaningful contribution to the people of Indonesia and established the Peduli Anak Foundation on the island of Lombok in 2006.

Having a thorough understanding of the Indonesian market and culture, Bjørn is part of Philos Corporation, an entrepreneurial vehicle that operates an Emerging Asia focussed consumer platform consisting of three key divisions: healthcare, nutraceuticals and mHealth. By addressing the primary needs of mass market consumers, the corporation aims to positively contribute to the lives of generations.

Nurdiana – Director of Operations

Started in Peduli Anak as a Secretary in late 2008, Nurdiana has proved herself to be a great contribution to Peduli Anak. Her experience working with Japan International Agency (JICA) prior to Peduli Anak, gave her extensive knowledge and experience working in aid organization and social work. Graduated from North Sumatera University in English major, Nurdiana is not only skillful in office administration but also capable of working inter-department in Peduli Anak. During the change of leadership in 2010, Nurdiana became the obvious candidate to lead the course of Peduli Anak to a new era. Under her leadership, Peduli Anak has increased the number of its beneficiaries significantly and made breakthrough progress such as being the only NGO in Indonesia to hold a full custody for its children and took part in the creation of a national social welfare program (PKSA) with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Martina Natratilova – Public Relations

Martina started her involvement with Peduli Anak by assisting Chaim Fetter and team to do survey on street children in Surabaya, Indonesia in 2006. As a native Surabaya herself and a lecturer of English in her alumni, Airlangga University, her contribution went beyond than just a local guide. Soon enough, she helped with documents translations and anything she could do from distance during her study in the USA. Upon her return to Indonesia in 2008, she decided to take a different direction in life and dedicated herself full time for Peduli Anak. As a result of her broad skills and knowledge in education, social media, cross-cultural relations and office management, her responsibilities go beyond her job title. Her additional roles in Peduli Anak include working in Peduli Anak Primary School as a School Coordinator and Supervisor for volunteers and interns in Peduli Anak.

Indri Widiasari – Residential Care Manager

Indri is a senior counselor and a shelter manager, who joined Peduli Anak Foundation in 2007.  As a Shelter Manager, Indri manages three shelters with average of 85 children. She plans work activities, supervises and monitors counselors’ performance in providing the fostering of the children. Besides that, she manages all house programs and maintains communication with staff in the education department in order to follow up on the progress of the children’s education. Sometimes her duties extend beyond the Peduli Anak walls. Indri also communicates with the children’s family about the children’s development in Peduli Anak as well as the builds of parenting skills of the children’s family. Indri loves and enjoys her job as a Shelter Manager and Counselor because the work is full of challenges.

Agus Mulyono – Board Member

Agus (1976) originally comes from Indonesia and is familiar with both the culture and way of doing business in developing countries. The creation and execution of project plans is his speciality. Before joining the foundation, Agus worked as an entrepreneur – he was the owner of the first internet business on the island of Lombok – and prior to this was an ICT specialist in Jakarta.