Education plays a very important role to forever change the life of our children. Unfortunately, primary education is not completely free for all. There are still a great number of children who cannot go to school because their parents cannot afford to buy school materials and uniforms. Besides that, many public schools in rural areas lack qualified teachers and facilities. All of this put a delay in students' progress.

Based on those reasons, Peduli Anak decided to build its own elementary school where children in Peduli Anak and children from poor families could have access to good education free of charge. From books, lunches to the extracurricular activities, we provide everything for the students in Peduli Anak Primary School.

The Koper family from The Netherlands sponsored the school building in 2009 and since then has partially supported the school operational. In 2010, the Indonesian Minister of Education and the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara province inaugurated Peduli Anak Primary School. Two years later, the school is nationally accredited with grade A, becoming the only school with such recognition in its district.

In the 2018-2019 school year, the number of students is at a record high of 70, in which 45% of the students come from the neighboring villages. The school employs 10 staff with occasional help from volunteers.

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