Kick Andy Heroes Award

On 28th March 2021, Peduli Anak and its founder Chaim Fetter received the prestigious #kickandyheroes2021 award from the KICK ANDY SHOW. The event celebrates inspiring people and organizations who are dedicated to helping others. Chaim Fetter via Peduli Anak has helped numerous disadvantaged children in Lombok and has also provided them with a proper education.

Since 2005 Peduli Anak and its founder have managed to help thousands of children. Today, more than a hundred children live on the campus of Peduli Anak. They come from diverse backgrounds and are offered a safe place to live and start or continue with school. Lately, Peduli Anak also helps seriously ill children from the remote areas of Lombok to get proper treatment.

As Kick Andy Heroes, Peduli Anak continues to keep its commitment to providing help for disadvantaged children. With this award, we hope to be able to reach more children in need, so they can get protection, shelter, education, and health care.