Peduli Anak YouTube Channel Got Silver Play Button


8 May 2024 — Since launching our YouTube channel (youtube.com/pedulianak) on July 3, 2014, Peduli Anak Foundation has been dedicated to highlighting child welfare through various engaging and impactful media. Our inaugural film, “Little Treasures Of Lombok,” featuring two Indonesian street children, has captivated audiences, amassing over 5 million views. The resonance continued with a song “Kami Kuat” performed and penned by two children from our welfare center, which went viral and is nearing 10 million views.

Beyond these viral hits, our channel has produced deeply moving documentaries that give a voice to children eager to share their harrowing experiences with exploitation, fear, abuse, and parental abandonment. These are stories that demand attention. We’ve also balanced this with lighter content, like videos of Indonesian children tasting Dutch candy and foreign volunteers trying sambal salad (Rujak), bringing a diverse range of videos to our audience.

At Peduli Anak Foundation, while our content varies, our core mission persists to advocate continuously for the underprivileged children of Indonesia, a cause we have been dedicated to for over 20 years. Our efforts have been recognized with a YouTube Creator Award for surpassing 100,000 subscribers, and as we now exceed 200,000 subscribers, we are driven to reach one million through further productions of both entertaining and thought-provoking short documentaries.