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Afan Halfan

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Hijrah, 24-08-2011

Afan is the youngest child of three from his already divorced parents from Sumbawa Island. His mother left Afan and his siblings, whereas his father remarried to a woman from Lombok.

However, due to extreme poverty, Afan and his siblings are neglected, malnourished and didn’t have access to education. The Social Agency of Sumbawa had summoned his father regarding the neglect. According to the father, despite his family’s poor condition, his new wife or Afan’s stepmother didn’t accept his children from previous marriage. His father then became depressed.

Therefore, Afan and his siblings are referred by the Social Agency of Sumbawa to children homes, including Peduli Anak.

After one month in Peduli Anak, Afan began to enjoy his new life and new friends. He’s rather shy and quiet, but he’s happy to play along with his peers. Afan is now in kindergarten and he loves his daily routines and learning new things everyday.

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