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  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Ambon, 02-03-2006

Arman is the youngest of four. He used to live in a small, dirty house of only one room and limited facilities with his mother and his siblings. The area that they lived in was known as a gambling and drinking area for locals.

Before living there, Arman lived with his grandparents, but when his father died in 2010 of acute liver disease, his grandparents asked him and his siblings to move out of the house as it was too small and because they didn’t have enough money.

Arman’s mother works as a laundress, but with her low income was unable to provide for all her kids. Arman was very motivated to go to school, but because of the lack of money to buy school necessities, he almost had to drop out of school.

One of their neighbours was concerned about the family’s condition and refereed Arman and his sisters Nurmin and Lasmin to Peduli Anak.

Arman likes to study and is very enthusiastic to participate in activities at the foundation. He says he wants to be a teacher just like one of his teachers at school Mrs. Dwi.

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