Green School Community Project Lombok

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23/4/19 – Green School, Bali held a three-day community project at Peduli Anak Foundation Lombok. Total 27 students, 6 teachers, 4 bio-bus drivers, 2 parents traveled from Bali to Lombok on their bio buses. They also brought along with them 180 liters biofuel, 30 liters paint, 100 seedlings, 10 shovels, and 1 machete. During their […]


March 2019 Newsletter – Can’t Wait to Move in!

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The children can’t wait to move into their new homes! The construction of the new houses is coming along really nicely. If all continues to go as planned they will be moving in at the end of May. So close!! The focus is on four (click here for the video) of the seven houses first […]


Syarifah Graduates from University


4/3/19 – Congratulations to our dear child, Syarifah, who passed her thesis defense today with a satisfying result, grade A! We’re so proud of her. Syarifah is majoring in Public Administration. Syarifah joined Peduli Anak when she was in grade 4. She was half-orphan and homeless. Nevertheless, she was very motivated to go to school […]


Marching Band Team’s First Public Event

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  3/3/19 – After several months practicing, our primary school’s marching band team finally gave their first ever public performance at the Car Free Day event in Mataram, Lombok. Thirty students from grade 2 to 6 marched along the main streets performing some national and pop songs. The children were very excited about this because […]


February 2019 Newsletter – Building a Middle School on Campus

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  Before diving into our Middle School plans we would like to give you a general Peduli Anak update first. The new homes are coming along beautifully! What have been lines and measurements on paper are now becoming real walls.

The foundation of five of the seven houses is done. Needless to say, the children are […]


Vocal Class at Peduli Anak

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  1/2/19 – Starting this February, we open a new after-school activity: Vocal Class. We noticed many of our kids really enjoy singing and some of them like, Silvi and Oki, are very talented in songwriting and singing. They already recorded two songs and are working on a couple more songs. The vocal teacher, Ms. […]


Child Protection Policy Training

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  25/1/19 – At the end of 2018, we updated our Child Protection Policy (CPP) and Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers with the help of a graduate Law student and Children’s Rights specialist from Poland,  Ewa Gierszewska. The updated Peduli Anak’s CPP and Code of Conduct are written based on our own experience in […]


The Earthquake-proof New Homes

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  30/12/18 – The construction of the new homes has now truly started! We are building the safest children homes in Indonesia! We are so grateful we are able to do so. Just this month we had 261 earthquakes and aftershocks. In 2018 a total of 3,639 earthquakes and aftershocks have been recorded in Lombok by […]


Peduli Anak is Rebuilding!

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  11/12/18 – Our gratitude for all the support and prayers cannot be put into words. The past few months have been extremely hectic, but all the kindness has pulled us through. We are amazed by the resilience of the children. The trauma of losing their home, the ongoing reconstruction around them (lots of noise […]


BayWa Stiftung Helps Reconstruction of Peduli Anak Primary School

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5/11/18 – Thank you BayWa Stiftung, Germany for the donation of 10,000 Euro for the reconstruction of our school. BayWa Stiftung has been supporting educational projects worldwide since 1998. Via Campus for Change, who is also one of our sponsors, they learned about the devastation in Peduli Anak after the Lombok earthquakes. Thanks to their donation […]