One Year Anniversary of Lombok Earthquake

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5/8/19 – Today marks the one-year anniversary since the first catastrophic earthquake hit Lombok, devastating our Peduli Anak Foundation. The first of several earthquakes struck at 19:30 destroying the only safe haven for over 80 homeless children transforming their entire home into rubble on the ground. Fortunately, the Earthquake spared the precious lives of our […]


Our Kids Have an Instagram Club!

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30/7/19 – To make learning English more fun for our middle and high school children, volunteers recently started the Peduli Anak InstaClub. Of course, our teens couldn’t believe they were allowed to go on Instagram! Together with the language tool Duolingo, it is a great way to keep them engaged and get them more involved. […]


The Earthquake that Moves


7/7/19 – This is a short documentary about the impact of the 2018 Lombok Earthquake on a Dutch-Indonesian NGO, Peduli Anak in Lombok. The earthquake destroyed and damaged the foundation’s children houses and other facilities, leaving all 80 children at that time homeless. In the documentary, the foundation’s founders and a volunteer took us from […]


Family Reunion in Sumbawa

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23/06/19 – Since the last 7 years, we have been working hand in hand with the Child Social Service from the Indonesian government to help and support hundreds of children and their families in need. Some of the children in our care come from Sumbawa, an island on the East of Lombok. In Sumbawa, which […]


Our Holiday in Bali

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7/6/19 – This year’s Eid holiday, we took 36 kids to go to Bali! While some kids are lucky to spend this special time with their family. We have many kids in Peduli Anak who didn’t have such privilege. If you think going on holiday with kids is tough. Try 36 of them from age […]


Iftar with Lombok City Center

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24/5/19 – Today we had a special Iftar event at the Lombok City Center (LCC). The new management of LCC invited 100 children and staff of Peduli Anak to celebrate iftar at the LCC Mall. The General Manager of POSA Lombok City Center, Mr. Irwan Jendra Gunawan, organized this event for Peduli Anak to share […]


Misleidende Donatie Acties op oplichting

24/04/2019 – Het werk van Peduli Anak, voor de kansarme kinderen op het eiland Lombok, is onder alle omstandigheden uitdagend, maar dankbaar werk. Onze opvanghuizen en scholen zijn echter vorig jaar zwaar getroffen door aardbevingen die de kinderen tijdelijk van onderdak en onderwijs beroofd hebben. Het is een tragische ramp geweest, waarover in verschillende media […]


Green School Community Project Lombok

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23/4/19 – Green School, Bali held a three-day community project at Peduli Anak Foundation Lombok. Total 27 students, 6 teachers, 4 bio-bus drivers, 2 parents traveled from Bali to Lombok on their bio buses. They also brought along with them 180 liters biofuel, 30 liters paint, 100 seedlings, 10 shovels, and 1 machete. During their […]


March 2019 Newsletter – Can’t Wait to Move in!

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The children can’t wait to move into their new homes! The construction of the new houses is coming along really nicely. If all continues to go as planned they will be moving in at the end of May. So close!! The focus is on four (click here for the video) of the seven houses first […]