Generous Donation from Humdrum to Peduli Anak Foundation


15 April 2024 — Humdrum, a disability services and support organization in Australia, showed tremendous solidarity by donating AUD 4,000 to the Peduli Anak Foundation. This donation will be used specifically to replace the damaged roofs of the children’s homes at Peduli Anak Lombok Foundation with new ones. This will ensure that the underprivileged children in our care have a safe and decent place to live.

The partnership between Humdrum and Peduli Anak Foundation is a reflection of our shared commitment to creating meaningful change in the lives of people in need. It’s not just about building better infrastructure, but also about building a brighter future for the children of Lombok.

In their statement, Humdrum said, “We believe every child deserves a roof above their head. Therefore, Humdrum donated the funds for a roof of one of the children’s homes of Peduli Anak.”

We extend our deepest gratitude to Humdrum for their support. This donation is living proof that when the global community comes together for a good cause, great strides towards positive change can happen.