PT. Decorient Partaya Indonesia Continues Its Support for Peduli Anak with Generous Donation


29 May 2024 – Peduli Anak Foundation is once again the fortunate recipient of generosity from PT. Decorient Partaya Indonesia, a leading construction company based in Jakarta. Demonstrating their ongoing commitment to social responsibility, PT. Decorient has graciously donated IDR 25,000,000 to support the construction of the Peduli Anak Sumbawa Center. This donation is a testament to their continued support and belief in the mission of Peduli Anak.

The funds will be instrumental in advancing the construction of our Sumbawa Center, ensuring it provides a safe and nurturing environment for the children in our care. The center is designed to provide not only shelter but also educational and health services to vulnerable children in Sumbawa, actively supporting their education and health, crucial for their thriving within our community.

Arjoto Wisanto, the President Director of PT. Decorient Partaya Indonesia shared his thoughts,”Contributing to a bright future, we proudly support Peduli Anak Foundation through CSR initiative, fostering positive change and making a meaningful difference in our community. Since 2016, when we were still affiliated with BAM International, we have been actively supporting the welfare of children at Peduli Anak Foundation. As of 2024, now operating as Decorient Partaya Indonesia, we remain committed to contributing to the advancement of the Peduli Anak Foundation.”

As we move closer to completing the Sumbawa Center, we are reminded of the power of community and the impact of responsible corporate citizenship. PT. Decorient Partaya Indonesia’s contributions have not only provided critical financial support but have also inspired other organizations to get involved and make a positive change in society.

Together, with the support of partners like PT. Decorient Partaya Indonesia, we are making a profound difference in the lives of many. We are building hope, creating opportunities, and nurturing futures.