Anabatic Technologies Shares Love and Resources with Peduli Anak

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26 April 2024 – On this day, the children of Peduli Anak welcomed two representatives from Anabatic Technologies, an IT holding company, for a special visit under the theme “Anabatic Berbagi Kasih”. This visit not only brightened the day of our children but also brought along generous gifts that will significantly enhance their daily lives and learning experiences.

During their time at Peduli Anak, the Anabatic team donated 20 Advan Sketsa 3 tablets, a collection of engaging books, and funds to ensure nutritious meals for our children. These contributions are invaluable as they support our ongoing efforts to provide the best care and education to the children who call Peduli Anak their home.

“We are immensely grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to the Peduli Anak Foundation. Witnessing the joy and excitement of the children as they explored their new tablets and books was truly rewarding,” said Ms. Vivi, a spokesperson from Anabatic Technologies. “We believe in the power of technology and education to transform lives, and we are thrilled to support the children’s learning journeys with these tools.”

The event was not just about donations but also about engagement. The team from Anabatic spent time interacting with the children and sharing stories. This personal touch added a layer of warmth to their contributions and fostered a deeper connection between the visitors and the children.

“We are thankful for the generosity of Anabatic Technologies. Their donation goes beyond just material gifts—it brings hope and encouragement to our children, reminding them that they have the support of the wider community,” said Mrs. Dian, director of Peduli Anak. “The tablets and books will be significant resources in our educational programs, and the funds for meals will help us continue to provide nutritious food that is so crucial for the children’s health and growth.”

At Peduli Anak, every contribution counts and helps us make a significant impact on the lives of our children. We extend our deepest gratitude to Anabatic Technologies for their kindness and commitment to sharing love and fostering growth in our community.