One Fun Day with Cita Buana Students

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30 April 2024 — On a sunny day filled with laughter and excitement, the students of Peduli Anak Primary School experienced a wonderful day of learning and fun with the 9th graders from Cita Buana School, Jakarta. This special event brought our students together in a series of engaging and educational activities that not only entertained them but also fostered new friendships and learning experiences.

For a day, our campus buzzed with energy as students from both schools mixed and mingled in ten different groups, each focused on a unique activity. From learning English through interactive games to indulging in the art of making chocolate snacks, the activities were designed to stimulate both creativity and intellectual curiosity. Some students expressed their artistic sides by painting t-shirts, while others tackled the challenge of solving Rubik’s puzzles. The highlight for many was the fun-filled outdoor games, which brought out hearty laughs and spirited teamwork.

“The enthusiasm and interaction between the students of Cita Buana and Peduli Anak were truly inspiring to see. It was not just a day of playing and learning, but a valuable opportunity for our students to teach and learn from each other,” said Mr. Wahyu, a teacher from Cita Buana School. “These activities are essential in building confidence and cooperation among students from diverse backgrounds.”

The visit was not only about learning new skills but also about building bridges between different communities. The children from Cita Buana School brought with them an infectious zeal for sharing knowledge, which greatly inspired our students at Peduli Anak.

We look forward to more such fruitful collaborations that provide our students with the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive in a nurturing environment.