TOTO Indonesia’s Gift to Peduli Anak’s Sumbawa Center


25 March 2024 — The children of Peduli Anak were all smiles as they posed with big boxes of bathroom supplies, including sinks and toilets, from TOTO Indonesia. These boxes are filled with important items that will be part of the new bathrooms at the Peduli Anak Sumbawa Center, which is still under construction.

We are really thankful to TOTO Indonesia for giving such useful items. Good bathrooms are important in any home, and for these kids, having brand-new, clean facilities for their personal care is a big deal. It means they can stay clean and healthy, which is very important.

Mrs. Dian, the Director of Peduli Anak, said, “We’re so grateful to TOTO Indonesia for this donation. It’s more than just bathroom fixtures; it’s about providing the kids with the essentials they deserve. Having proper bathrooms is a major step towards keeping the children healthy. We thank TOTO Indonesia for their support.”

As of today, we are still fundraising to finish the Peduli Anak Sumbawa Center. It’s going to be a place where the underprivileged kids of Sumbawa can learn and live. Therefore, the donation from TOTO Indonesia is a significant help in getting the center ready. We hope more people will chip in to help build a place where the children can grow and learn in a clean and safe environment.