Tina Graduates with Cum Laude from University!


8 March 2024 – Today, Tina, one of Peduli Anak’s children, graduated from Mandalika University. For four years, Tina diligently pursued her education in the Guidance and Counseling department. Finally, her efforts and enthusiasm paid off with an outstanding final GPA, making her one of the few to graduate cum laude.

Tina joined Peduli Anak when she was in the first grade of primary school. At that time, she did not receive the care and attention she needed from her family. Back then, she never imagined that she would be able to go to college. But now, Tina has become a university graduate who is ready to share her knowledge with other children at Peduli Anak.

Tina said, “I am happy and relieved to be at this point. To be honest, I never thought I could get an education until college. Of course, I am very grateful to the Peduli Anak family and the sponsors who have supported me all this time.”

Furthermore, Tina will officially become part of Peduli Anak’s staff. A few months before graduation, she had already undergone job training as a counselor. She also hopes that her knowledge can benefit the children at Peduli Anak. She wants these children to believe that achieving a bright future is definitely possible with hope, enthusiasm, and hard work.


Congratulations on your graduation, Tina!