The Joy of Traditional Games

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12 April 2023 – Playing on the playground is one of the favorite activities of the children in Peduli Anak. Usually, they enjoy hopping on rides such as swings, seesaws, and exploring domes.

In addition to the rides, the children are also interested in Indonesian traditional games that require more people to play. Their favorite games include Merdeka jump rope, Dengkleng, Tag, and Marbles.

“Playing with more friends is always more fun. That’s why I love to play Merdeka jump rope,” said Elsa, one of the children in Peduli Anak.

Playing traditional games is beneficial for children. These games require more people to play, which allows children to socialize and have fun with their friends. Furthermore, playgrounds and traditional games are an essential part of childhood. Through these games, children can build strong bonds, learn to be sportsmanlike, and create beautiful memories with each other.