The Heartwarming Visit of Ginta Cargo

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1 April 2024 — Ramadan brought a shower of blessings to the children at Peduli Anak with the arrival of the Ginta Cargo team, a logistics and shipping service company. During their visit, they provided one ton of rice and invited the children for iftar.

As the time for iftar arrived, the children were delighted to savor delicious cakes with the Ginta Cargo team, followed by a variety of main dishes served buffet style.

Mr. Agus Harahap, owner of Ginta Cargo, shared a motivational message with the children: “Despite any limitations, never let your spirit of learning diminish. Remember, hard work and enthusiasm will lead you to success. We are also thankful for your warm reception.”

The iftar event turned out to be a memorable experience for the children. The sense of unity and generosity that the Ginta Cargo team fostered truly made the children joyful, enhancing the sacredness of Ramadan. We are immensely grateful to Ginta Cargo for their visit and generosity.