Scoliosis Screening with Risa Sentra Medika Hospital Medical Team

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5 August 2023 – On this significant day, the medical team from Risa Sentra Medika Hospital supported the young hearts at Peduli Anak. They organized an impactful event to raise awareness about scoliosis and provide vital screenings for the children under Peduli Anak’s care. This event was part of the hospital’s anniversary celebration, made possible through the strong partnership between Peduli Anak and Risa Sentra Medika Hospital, held at the Peduli Anak Center.

With the participation of 100 enthusiastic children, eager eyes brightened as they engaged with scoliosis presentations, radiating excitement. The dynamic continued as they immersed themselves in interactive games integrated into the informative session. As the event progressed, the children eagerly underwent thorough scoliosis screenings, embracing the opportunity for early detection.

Ms. Nas, a nurse and Risa Sentra Medika Hospital team member, emphasized, “Given the myriad activities these children are involved in, along with prolonged sitting during classes, understanding their spinal posture is imperative. This understanding is crucial for their future growth. Thus, this screening event serves as a pivotal tool to identify potential scoliosis concerns early on.”

The event culminated in a significant outcome: identifying a child with signs of scoliosis, leading to a follow-up examination. Beyond this, our dedicated staff and the children gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of scoliosis and proactive measures to prevent its progression.

The scoliosis awareness event at Peduli Anak serves as a poignant reminder of collaborative impact. Success resonates not only in scoliosis screenings but also in enlightening young minds and promising healthier futures. Together, we pave the way toward brighter and healthier tomorrows for these children.