SALTO’s Smart Door-Lock Donation to Peduli Anak


21 March 2024 — In a commendable display of corporate social responsibility, SALTO, a leading manufacturer of electronic locks and access control systems, has made a generous donation to Peduli Anak, providing smart door-locking systems. This significant contribution will enhance the security of the Peduli Anak Sumbawa Center, which is currently under construction.

The installation of SALTO’s electronic lock systems at the Sumbawa Center is a critical step toward safeguarding the facility and enabling efficient access control. This technology will not only enhance security but also allow the management to focus on their primary mission of nurturing and educating the children.

Mrs. Dian, the director of Peduli Anak, expressed her gratitude, stating, “On behalf of the entire Peduli Anak family, I extend our heartfelt thanks to SALTO for their continued support. Their contributions are pivotal in completing the Peduli Anak Sumbawa Center.”

As the construction of the Peduli Anak Sumbawa Center continues, we remain committed to our fundraising efforts to complete the facilities for underprivileged children in Sumbawa. We extend heartfelt gratitude to SALTO for their support, which provides these children with opportunities to thrive. This collaboration underscores the power of collective effort in transforming the lives of underprivileged children.