PwC Indonesia’s Laptop Donation Fuels Learning at Peduli Anak

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18 March 2024 — In December, PwC Indonesia, a multinational accounting services network, donated 75 pre-loved Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. This donation greatly helped the learning activities at Peduli Anak.

Recently, the laptops from PwC Indonesia have been fully utilized. The children at Peduli Anak are actively using them for their educational activities. Exams, mostly conducted on computers, run more smoothly as the children do not have to wait their turn to use a computer.

“We are very grateful to be able to receive many laptops for the children. This has made their learning more efficient, and they can focus better during computer-based exams,” said Mrs. Dian, director of the Peduli Anak Foundation.

Once again, this support shows that collaboration between companies and organizations like Peduli Anak is very beneficial. Together, we can help underprivileged children to thrive, achieve their goals, and build a brighter future.