Peduli Anak’s Participation in National QRIS Week

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20 August 2023 – Peduli Anak took part in the National QRIS Week organized by Bank Indonesia and QRIS NTB. This event also commemorated the 78th Indonesian Independence Day and celebrated the 30th anniversary of Mataram City. During this event, Bank Indonesia and QRIS NTB directly engaged the Peduli Anak Foundation to collaborate on introducing the payment system using QRIS. Here, Peduli Anak also benefits, as the event registration fees go directly to Peduli Anak’s QRIS payment system.

Throughout the event, which included a fun walk and the distribution of door prizes, the organizers and representatives from Peduli Anak continued to introduce the foundation, along with its vision and mission. This led to increased interest in Peduli Anak’s efforts to support underprivileged children in attaining a better life.

Ms. Nurdiana, Director of the Peduli Anak Foundation, stated, “We are deeply honored to be part of this activity, especially as Peduli Anak was chosen directly by Bank Indonesia. We are also immensely grateful for the support from various parties and participants who made this event vibrant.”

At the event, Mrs. Nurdiana symbolically received the donation for Peduli Anak. Moreover, thanks to Bank Indonesia and QRIS NTB, Peduli Anak now offers more donation payment options that make the donation process easier for contributors. With this enhancement, the support for the children under the care of the Peduli Anak Foundation can be maximized, propelling them further towards a promising future.