Making Swedish Chocolate Balls

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04 May 2023 – On this particular day, the girls of Peduli Anak Girls Club got the chance to participate in a cooking class led by three lovely volunteers from Sweden: Nora, Frida, and Isabell. The volunteers taught the girls how to make Swedish sweets known as Chokladbollar or Swedish Chocolate Balls.

The girls were ecstatic to learn a recipe from a distant land and soaked up every bit of information that the volunteers had to offer. They mixed ingredients like butter, sugar, cocoa powder, water, and rolled oats in a giant bowl. The highlight of the process was when the girls rolled the mixture into perfect-sized balls. They carefully formed each chocolate ball before popping them into the fridge to cool and harden.

As they waited for the chocolate balls to harden, the volunteers showed pictures of cuisine, seasonal activities, and cultural traditions in Sweden. They also spoke about the cultural differences between Indonesia and Sweden, leaving the girls utterly fascinated.

“Even though we could only show pictures, we’re happy to give a glimpse of what Sweden is like. The girls were also so intrigued by our cultural differences,” said Frida, one of the volunteers.

At the end of the activity, the girls and volunteers sat down together to relish in the sweetness of the Swedish Chocolate Balls. Through this activity, the girls realized the beauty of cultural diversity and how it spices up our lives. Also, they had a blast learning new skills and got to know the new cultures.