It’s a Fun New Year Celebration

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3 January 2024 – Last Saturday, the staff and children of Peduli Anak embarked on a delightful journey to celebrate the new year. Their destination was Elak-Elak Beach, a beach with white sand and gentle waves in Lombok. At the beach, various activities were organized specifically to strengthen the bonds among the staff. Meanwhile, the children enjoyed their time playing by the seaside.

Various games were prepared by the members of Karang Taruna Peduli Anak. Then, the group, consisting of the staff, was divided into five teams. Each team competed in games such as moving sarongs, transferring rubber bands, balloon races, moving balls, and tug of war. The games were both exciting and a test of each team’s solidarity.

Mrs. Nurdiana, the Director of Peduli Anak, expressed, “The new year’s moment feels like the right time to hold such activities. Besides celebrating the arrival of the new year in a fun way, the bonds among the staff are also strengthened.”

The joy in these activities is hoped to be a trigger for enthusiasm in facing the year 2024. In addition to the bonds among the staff, the teenagers of Peduli Anak who served as the event committee also learned about organizing an event. Before returning home, all members of Peduli Anak combed the beach to clean up the litter. Thus, the beauty of this beautiful beach is preserved from trash that could damage its beauty.