French Scouts Volunteer at Peduli Anak

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29 July 2022 – This month we welcomed eight volunteers from France who are members of the French Scout. They are the second group of international volunteers since our volunteer program reopened. Noe, Madeleine, Clemence, Heloise, Louis, Marie, and Ulysse stayed at the Peduli Anak campus for two weeks. Their colleague, Emilie, came three days before their programs ended due to a passport issue. 

They organized some games and also joined the children’s daily activities. Even the boy scouts were so excited to join our weekly taekwondo practice. They got a chance to spar against our kids, who often compete in the championship. 

Besides joining our regular activities, they also came with a project. They built an aquaponics system in our organic garden. It is a farming system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. We could plant vegetables and keep the freshwater fish in this system. Hopefully, the aquaponic becomes the alternative source to produce more vegetables and freshwater fish. 

On the last day of volunteering, the volunteers made one of many famous dishes from France, crepes. They were so busy cooking in the kitchen to make more than 200 crepes for the children and staff. Although tired, they were happy to do it. Moreover, the children love the crepes they made. 

The children were sad to say goodbye to the volunteers. Even just for two weeks, they made beautiful memories through various activities they did together.