End-of-School Performance 2022

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23 June 2022 – Peduli Anak Primary School students participated in End-of-School Performance. This event was held a day before the report card distribution day. All students from the 1st grade to the 6th grade were excited to join the event. They had prepared all semester long for this event, rehearsing for drama, pantomime and dancing performances.

The students performed their best at this event. They didn’t look nervous at all! They were more motivated especially because they performed in front of their parents. 

The girls from 1st and 2nd grades showed their dancing skills. The 1st graders performed a modern dance, whereas the 2nd graders did a traditional dance. Then, the boys of 3rd and 4th grades made a dance collaboration performing a creative and entertaining sarong dance.

After that, the long-awaited drama performance started. The 5th graders performed the “Karawang Bekasi” drama, inspired by the famous Indonesian poem of the same title.  The French volunteers also participated in the drama opening act by reciting the poem. 

Following the 5th graders drama, the 6th graders also performed a drama called  “Malin Kundang.” This drama is inspired by the popular folktale Malin Kundang from Sumatra. They creatively inserted some modern jokes into the story and made the audience laugh. Their acting, stage lighting, and confidence supported their fantastic performances. 

The children felt so happy and proud. All their hard work during the past semester had paid off. Their teachers, parents, staff and volunteers of Peduli Anak are also proud of them and can’t wait to see the next school performance in December. For now, let the school holiday begin!