Eka Jaya Fast Boat Team Brings Joy and Generosity to Peduli Anak Foundation

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15 March 2024 – The team from Eka Jaya Fast Boat, a fast boat company from Bali, embarked on a special visit to the Peduli Anak Foundation, bringing with them a collection of thoughtful gifts for the children under our care. This event not only highlighted the spirit of giving but also showcased the meaningful connections that can be forged between corporate entities and nonprofit organizations.

They arrived, brimming with enthusiasm and bearing gifts that were sure to delight the children. Among the items donated were clothes, prayer gowns, and a variety of yummy snacks. The gifts were received with open arms and bright eyes, as the children explored their new treasures with excitement and gratitude.

Mr. Ngurah, a representative from the Eka Jaya Fast Boat team, shared his feelings about the visit, stating, “We are happy to visit here. The children’s excitement is heartwarming for us. We hope that in the future, we can come again and bring other gifts for them.” His words echoed the sentiments of the entire team, highlighting their genuine delight in making a positive impact on the lives of the children at Peduli Anak Foundation.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the Eka Jaya Fast Boat team for their generosity and look forward to more collaborations in the future. The visit has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the children, filled with fond memories of a day when their hearts were touched by kindness.