Cultivating Healthy Minds: Teman Bicara Sejiwa Visit to Peduli Anak

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20 January 2024 – Peduli Anak welcomed the Komunitas Teman Bicara Sejiwa – a community of young doctors working on adolescent health in West Nusa Tenggara. During this visit, 14 young doctors participated in administering the House Tree Person Test (HTP) and the Strength and Difficult Questionnaire (SDQ) to determine the personality and emotional state of the teenagers at Peduli Anak.

28 children participated and calmly took the HTP and SDQ tests. They drew pictures on blank paper and then answered questions, the results of which became material for the young doctors to conduct a sharing session. In this session, each doctor focused on listening to stories from two children.

On this occasion, the founder of the Komunitas Teman Bicara Sejiwa, dr. Diatmika, revealed, “We are happy to be well received by the staff and children of Peduli Anak. We are also happy to be able to interact and hear the stories of the teenagers here about themselves. If given the opportunity, we will come again and hold a similar event for the foster mothers and staff of Peduli Anak.”

Apart from taking the series of tests, the children also played fun games. They formed teams and competed in a sporting manner to win games like ‘move the sarong’ and ‘protect the balloon’. At the end of the event, they received gifts of yummy snacks as a token of appreciation for participating in the event. The Komunitas Teman Bicara Sejiwa also presented a certificate of appreciation to Peduli Anak.