Child Support Plan


Join Us and Become a Partner of Peduli Anak!

With our new child support plan you, your company, family or even group of friends, get the opportunity to support our children! Your entire contribution will be spent only on costs that benefit the child.

We have recently launched our new ‘complete care program’ in order to keep providing our children with the care they deserve. To keep it personal, there won’t be more than three sponsors per child. Please read the details about our current and new plans!

Livelihood Plan €48,- per month/per child          

With this plan we can provide healthy meals 3 times a day, healthcare, body care, even give the child a small allowance and pay for all other basic necessities to make sure our children are healthy and well fed.

Education Plan € 34,- per month/per child

Every child has a right to education. We run our own kindergarten and Primary School for our youngest children, while the older children go to High Schools in the area. We even have a few children going to college! With the education plan we can pay their tuition fees, books, school supplies and other school-related fees.

Additional (Complete) Care plan € 25,- per month/per child

Vitamin & supplements, clothing, English, Art, and other extra-curricular classes, sports, trips and savings for university. This is what you can provide the children with as a Complete Care Sponsor.

What you’ll get

As a sponsor, you become part of the Peduli Anak family. You’ll get regular updates and twice a year an extensive report from your sponsor child. You’re also always welcome to visit the foundation on Lombok.

Join now and brighten up a child’s future!

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Apriadi Syah Putra

Apriadi Syah Putra, known as Putra, is the oldest child and was raised in a poor family. His father left to work on Su...

Nuris Sholihin

Nuris Sholihin, known as Solihin, is from a poor family. He was the only child of divorced parents and used to live wi...

Reza M. Asbulah

Reza M. Asbulah is the fourth child of six. He used to live with his parents and siblings in a small house made of bam...

Bahrun Farihin

Bahrun Farihin, usually called Parihin, was raised in an underprivileged family. He’s the youngest of three. He used...


Nurmin is the second child of four. She used to live with her mother, sister and two brothers in a small, dirty house...

Jhyotir Abadi

Three days after he was born, Jhyotir, or Geo, was abandoned by his parents. He and his older brother were raised in a...


Wahid comes from a farm labor family. He has many siblings. They all live in a small rented semi-permanent house. Sinc...

Yusri Zulkahfi

Yusri Zulkahfi, or Yus, was neglected by his parents. He used to live in a house of one room with his father who had n...

Dina Wati

Dina Wati is the fourth child of seven. She used to live in a small house together with her mother and six siblings...

Rahmat Hidayatulloh

Rahmat Hidayatulloh, usually called Dayat, comes from a poor family. Dayat and his parents live in a small house near...