Peduli Anak Staff’s Journey in English Learning

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17 November 2023 – In an inspiring initiative at Peduli Anak, a focus on continual learning went beyond age barriers. Not just limited to children, the organization’s staff, including foster mothers, counselors, psychologists, a nurse, and security personnel, started a new journey last Monday. They began English classes led by Miranda, an outstanding volunteer from Australia, showing a dedication to lifelong learning and cultural exchange.

From morning until noon over a span of five days, the Peduli Anak staff learned various topics in English. Their lessons, carefully chosen to include self-introduction, time, animals, places, and daily activities, cover practical aspects of communication that are important in a global context. Talking with Miranda, their teacher, allowed them to practice speaking English in real-life situations. This direct learning method was made even better with interactive games, which encouraged the participants to talk to each other in English, thus strengthening their understanding.

Nyoman, a dedicated nurse at Peduli Anak, states, “This class has been very helpful for us in learning to use English, especially since we often have international volunteers here. Our ability to speak English has significantly improved because of this class.”

The staff at Peduli Anak is very pleased with these learning activities. Their enthusiasm is a reflection of how the English class not only enhances language skills but also demonstrates the invaluable exchange of knowledge between local staff and international volunteers. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of familiarity and community, breaking down barriers of language, culture, and nationality.