Sweet Creations – Making Candy Cake

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6 November 2023 – We had another opportunity to create a fun activity at Peduli Anak with Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort. This time, the excitement was all about candy and creativity. On a sunny afternoon, our kids learned how to make candy cakes.

The staff from Sheraton came prepared with many kinds of candy and chocolate bars, the main ingredients for our candy cake creations. Using little cartoon boxes, the kids were tasked with arranging candies and chocolates to craft their own designs. Divided into five groups, each consisting of four kids, the activity took on a competitive edge. The groups were not just making candy cakes; they were competing to create the most beautiful ones! This friendly competition fostered teamwork and allowed each child to contribute their ideas and skills.

Nining, a staff member from Sheraton Senggigi Lombok Resort, couldn’t hide her admiration. She said, “The kids are so creative. Their candy cakes look much better than what we made earlier to use as the example. I myself am so happy to see what potential these kids have.”

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort Lombok team for their continued support and for bringing such a joyful and creative activity to our children. We look forward to more collaborative efforts that enrich the lives of our children at Peduli Anak.