One Year Anniversary of Lombok Earthquake

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5/8/19 – Today marks the one-year anniversary since the first catastrophic earthquake hit Lombok, devastating our Peduli Anak Foundation. The first of several earthquakes struck at 19:30 destroying the only safe haven for over 80 homeless children transforming their entire home into rubble on the ground.

Fortunately, the Earthquake spared the precious lives of our children and staff. The homes we build at Peduli Anak provide a sense of safety and security for children who have been traumatized most of their lives.

When the Earthquake struck, we were desperate. A natural disaster at this scale has never taken place before, not in our 13 years of existence.

The homes we built in were designed so that our children could be safe and go to sleep knowing nothing will harm them anymore. Our foundation facilitated a place of belonging in a real home. Our promise was shaken to the ground.

We asked ourselves:
How are we going to rebuild these homes and haven for our children?
Where are we going to get the money to fund the reconstruction?
Most importantly, how can we build homes and schools that will never yield to another earthquake and destroy our pillars of safety?

As soon as the major earthquakes seemed to fade out, we were plagued by those questions. The fears of being forced to relinquish our dream.

A dream to build a solid foundation, where we can give our children a place of joy, love, and peace. A place where they don’t have to worry about what they are going to eat. Our children lived in constant fear. They have seen the devastation of the earthquakes, they completely understand. These children have survived so much in their short lives without having to worry if they will survive the night.

These fears did not last long though, as soon as we shared our appeal through social media, we were overwhelmed by the national and global support. Donations and support all over the world started pouring in. Words cannot begin to describe the gratitude and hope we felt as we realized we could rebuild a better, bigger, stronger and resilient foundation. A foundation, which will not collapse in the face of adversity. With the support of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers, we are rebuilding our dream. A dream initially shattered by natural forces beyond our control.

A dream that is now becoming a reality.

Since the Earthquake, we have been rebuilding 14 houses, transforming our residential care to family-like care. Each house will have only 10 children with a mother figure. We are beyond thrilled to move some of our children in the first home this week!

The journey is still long, and we are taking our time to ensure our foundation is built on a solid foundation. There is no price for the safety and security of our children.

Our greatest lesson of all is; “That what does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

Our teachers, counselors, volunteers, and children are more connected than ever. Our sponsors and donors have shown their love and support to our children in ways we could only hope for. For that, we will always be grateful.

Peduli Anak wants to remember this day as the day of rebirth and transformation.

A transformation made possible by the children, staff, volunteers, sponsors and YOU.


Words by Nadja El Fertasi
Edited by Martina & Samie
Photos by Chaim Fetter & Anita