Empowering Creativity: Bracelet-Making Class at Peduli Anak

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10 October 2023 – The team from Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort came to visit Peduli Anak once again. This time, they also invited a talented bracelet maker, Mr. Heri, to conduct a bracelet-making class. The children were enthusiastic and actively participated in this class.

During the class, the children paid close attention to every explanation from Mr. Heri. Afterward, they eagerly practiced how to make simple bracelets using colorful ropes and beautiful beads.

“Seeing the enthusiasm of these children makes me happy to be able to teach them how to make bracelets. Hopefully, the little knowledge I share can be useful for the development of their creativity,” said Mr. Heri.

This bracelet-making learning activity is part of the entrepreneurship class program organized specifically by Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort for Peduli Anak. The aim is to help the children in Peduli Anak maximize their potential in the field of art.

Furthermore, this activity will continue to be carried out regularly. Not only will the children learn how to make bracelets, but they will also gain knowledge about handicrafts that have market value. So, in the future, they can utilize these skills to live independently.