Children Receive Report Cards

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The final exams have ended. All students of Peduli Anak Primary and Middle School receive their report cards. The homeroom teachers distribute the report cards in the classrooms. Even though the students are curious about their report cards, they wait for the teachers to call their names patiently.

The teachers announce the name of the student with the highest ranking. One of them is Risna, an eighth-grader at Peduli Anak Middle School. As a result of her hard work in the study, she is ranked first in her class. Also, there is Nabila, a seventh-grader who’s ranked third.

Risna and Nabila are happy and proud of their achievements. Therefore the teachers give each of them a gift. It is an appreciation since they got a high grade. However, it doesn’t make them satisfied enough. Both are determined to be better students in the future.

The other children also feel good about their grades. Although they are not in the top three, they are determined to work hard and become better students. They also hope to study in the class like before the pandemic for the next semester.