On Sunday, August 5th an earthquake with a 7.0 magnitude devastated the island of Lombok. In a time span of 3 weeks, multiple earthquakes and heavy aftershocks kept hitting the island including six earthquakes on one day. We are very blessed and grateful that all children and staff at Peduli Anak are safe and unharmed, but the destruction at our shelter is enormous. We are now facing the extremely challenging task of rebuilding from the ground up.

We share donated goods, food and water as much as possible with villages nearby and up north. The epicenter of most of the earthquakes can be found in the north of Lombok and we visit remote villages there regularly as many are in dire need of help.

The earthquakes in Lombok seem to be never-ending, but the optimistic nature of the children; their resilience and drive keep us focused on fighting for their home and future.

What’s new in 2019?

The reconstruction and building of the new children homes are in full force. The primary school building and extracurricular classrooms are fully renovated with new earthquake-resistant ceiling and roof. The new kitchen is also fully rebuilt with new Modena kitchen equipment.

Due to the safety issues, the old office building is torn down and the newly renovated volunteer room now functions as a temporary office. We also decided to build a Middle School on campus.

Now that the buildings are funded, we’re looking for sponsors to help us with furniture for the new children homes (cupboards and desk for the children bedrooms, dinner tables, chairs, and other comfort items), playground, roofing, landscaping, etc.

We want to thank everyone who has come to our aid and is still standing up to help us. Visit our social media Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram for daily updates.

Songs about the earthquakes

Music and art are the one of the best ways to overcome children’s trauma after earthquakes. Our multi-talented Oki, writes two songs about the earthquakes. We also discover a new talent in our child, Silvi. Her beautiful voice perfectly captures what our children feel about the disaster and their motivation to stand up and be happy again. Check out their music videos here: We are Strong & We Rebuild Stronger Again

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