Mother’s Empowerment Training with SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia

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9 March 2023 – As an organization for children’s welfare, we are delighted to receive support from various parties, whether it is from individuals or other organizations. This support is a great help not only for the children under our care but also for Peduli Anak staff. One form of support we receive is knowledge.

Starting from March 6th to March 9th, our staff consisting of foster mothers and counselors participated in Mother’s Empowerment Training. The event took place in Peduli Anak Center. Ibu Natalina Sangapta, HROD Director of SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia came to give the training along with two foster mothers from SOS Children’s Villages in Bali, Ibu Yuyun Andayani and Ibu Ni Wayan Wiarti. 

During the four days of training, they shared their experiences with our staff. It was so beneficial for our foster mothers and counselors to develop their knowledge of how to provide better guidance to the children under our care and how to support the children in achieving their full potential. 

“We learned a lot and shared experiences with the trainer and other mothers from SOS Children’s Village. The activities were also fun, and they broadened my knowledge about supporting the children I care for,” said Ibu Jum, one of the foster mothers at Peduli Anak.

On the last day of training, all the participants went to the beach and played many team-building games. This was also a refreshing activity after three days of learning in the class from morning to afternoon.

Earlier this year, four of our foster mothers also attended a workshop at SOS Children’s Villages in Bali to learn about the organization’s approach to caring for children. And then, they shared their new insights with the other foster mothers at Peduli Anak after the training. In addition, the recent training provided a valuable opportunity for our staff to learn directly from SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia.

“We are happy to be here. Everybody welcomed us warmly, and I like seeing the enthusiasm of the mothers and counselors during the discussions. Also, it’s nice to share our experiences in supporting the children,” said Ibu Natalina, the trainer from SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia.

Peduli Anak and SOS Children’s Villages share a similar goal, which is why we can work hand in hand to help underprivileged children in Indonesia by providing them with a better place to live, quality education, and proper healthcare.