Family Care

Family Care

Children end up on the streets for various reasons. Often, parents cannot afford food, education and medical care. Socio-economic and other factors make it hard for parents to create the ideal home environment, forcing children into child labor or onto the streets.

The Peduli Anak’s Child and Family Welfare Programme aims to support disadvantaged children and their families by allowing children to focus on education. Parents also receive training, counselling and supervision to help them keep their children at home.

Peduli Anak, endorsed by the Directorate General of Child Rehabilitation and Social Services, works closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs in promoting primary education and family care for underprivileged children. Peduli Anak is the first NGO in West Nusa Tenggara province to participate in the nationwide Child Social Welfare Programme (PKSA).

In 2018, the government stopped the PKSA programme. However, Peduli Anak continues to support children and family under its own Family Care programme with support from its donors. Supports are prioritized to children who formerly lived in Peduli Anak homes but have returned to their family/parent. The types of support are varied from scholarship to good parenting training.

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