First Group of International Volunteers since the Pandemic

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18 June 2022 – Today, we welcomed four volunteers from France. They are our first international volunteers we had since we re-opened the volunteer program following the two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Ninon, Ambre, Antoine, and Sammy chose Peduli Anak as part of their company’s program to support underprivileged children in the world. 

They stayed at Peduli Anak campus for a week and organized many activities with the children. Together with the children and teachers, they took part in our school Fun Days. They played various games such as “sarong race” and “the whisper challenge.” The four volunteers also performed on stage during the end-of-school performance.  

“We are so honored and happy to be able to meet these children,” said Ninon, one of the volunteers. Sammy even decided to stay a week longer because he felt one week is not enough to get to know the children. The children, especially the boys, admired his amazing football skills. 

Before leaving Peduli Anak, the volunteers and children had a farewell party in the school hall. They couldn’t hold their tears during the farewell. Although only for a short time, they made many wonderful memories together.