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  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Mataram, 08-07-2007

Roymand comes from a broken home family. His parents divorced when he was still very young. After the divorce, his father left him and Roymand lived with his mother who later remarried.

Roymand’s stepfather is a temperamental man and doesn’t seem to accept Roymand into his new family. The family’s condition was also heartbreaking because his stepfather didn’t have a steady job and his mother was jobless. Because of his stepfather’s abusive nature, Roymand’s mother asked for a divorce. At that time, she was also pregnant.

For a while after his parents’ divorce, Roymand lived peacefully with his mother. He even went to school where he became a smart and kind student. Roymand showed high motivation to study at school. However, this didn’t stay long.

His stepfather often looked for Roymand at school and took him home just to beat him and blame him for the divorce. Roymand became traumatized to go to school for fear of seeing his stepfather.
His mother then transferred Roymand to another school, but this didn’t stop his stepfather to look for him and beat him. He even threatened and intimidated him.

Roymand’s family then reported his stepfather to the police. Since Roymand’s mother is not in good capacity to take care of Roymand and his young half-brother. They are both referred to Peduli Anak.

After one month in Peduli Anak, Roymand is happy to be back to school and away from his abusive stepfather. He loves playing football in the afternoon and wants to be a pilot someday.

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