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Reza M. Asbulah

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Torean, 25-08-2007

Reza M. Asbulah is the fourth child of six. He used to live with his parents and siblings in a small house made of bamboo in an isolated village. His parents worked on a farm away from the village and would leave their kids alone. Sometimes, Reza and his brothers had to live without food, other basic necessities and attention from their parents. This can be days. weeks or even months. Especially during harvest season, his parents do not come because they have to work on the farm. Their neighbours, who didn’t have much themselves, would look after Reza and his siblings

Reza didn’t attend school and would just play with his younger brother without any supervision. This made Reza into a strong and independent boy. He could already feed himself without the help of his parents.

Reza is obedient and he’s friendly to everyone. He easily adjusted to his new environment and happily goes to school because he gets attention from everyone. He’s enthusiastic about learning how to write. He likes playing soccer.

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