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  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Sumbawa, 07-05-2007

Irwansyah, usually called Irwan, is a cheerful child. He was neglected by his parents who were unable to provide care and guidance to their four children. Irwan never went to school although he was already 10 years old. Everyday he was just playing around in the neighborhood and scavenging food leftovers from garbage bins. Initially Irwan was found by Paramita Home for Youth Rehabilitation before he was finally referred to Peduli Anak that are more suitable for his circumstances.

Currently Irwan is happy to live in Peduli Anak Foundation. He has been adapting to the new environment very well. He has many friends of his age. In Peduli Anak he started going to school for the first time and he has a dream to be a police officer someday.

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