We Receive 150 Cartons Milk from Frisian Flag

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We receive 150 cartons or 5,400 pcs of UHT milk that consists of various flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, coconut, and black sticky rice. It is a form of support from Frisian Flag to Peduli Anak. We are so grateful for what we received.

Frisian Flag’s support means a lot for the children of Peduli Anak. Their nutritional needs can be met, especially during the current pandemic situation. Moreover, milk is one of the sources of nutrition that can help to maintain the immune system. Therefore, we are so thankful to Frisian Flag.

Furthermore, we will give the milk to the children routinely. So they can get the nutritional intake from milk to keep them stay healthy.


Thank you, Frisian Flag!


Stay healthy.

Stay positive.