We Moved in!

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4/9/19 – The day has finally come! We’re moving to the first four new homes this week! 40 children now have a permanent home. It’s not perfect yet because we’re still procuring furniture for the house, but it’s definitely comfier.

It is impossible to express in words how thrilled we are that our first 4 homes are finished and that 40 children have moved in. It has taken longer than expected. During the construction phase, we made a few design changes and we decided to reinforce the ceiling even more. A few times our builders had to undo a few days of work as the quality did not meet manufacturer standards. Finding qualified builders for all the projects remains our biggest challenge. But we are getting there with our team.

We expect to move another 40 children into their new homes within the next 4 weeks. By the end of October, we hope to be finished with the construction of all 14 homes. Then we can start welcoming new children that are currently on the waiting list.

The IKEA bunk beds are already in, temporary cupboards (we’re still looking for the permanent ones!), TV, and some decoration items have also arrived today.

The progress on the other buildings

Apart from our 14 new homes, we also renovated all the school buildings and building a middle school. We renovated the water tower and kitchen, a new office building, a clinic, a water filter system for drinking water, a canteen, a sports center and paved part of one road. All done while our 89 children are living on campus and around 100 children from outside attending our school. A challenge to say the least, but it is also not always easy for the children as their sleeping quarters (classrooms) are very cramped, and the space for school and play is very limited. We are so very proud of them for hanging in there during this time.