The Sixth-Graders Farewell Trip

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21 May 2023 – The teachers of Peduli Anak Primary School embarked on yet another farewell trip for the sixth-grade students. This time, they set off for Elak-Elak Beach, one of the stunning coastal gems in Lombok.

The trip proved to be a delightful adventure for the sixth graders, as their excitement was palpable from the moment they boarded the bus to their arrival at the beach. Once there, the teachers organized a series of thrilling games, with the tug-of-war quickly emerging as a firm favorite.

Teachers and students mingled together, reveling in the camaraderie as they played the games. After the lively competition, the children eagerly embraced the opportunity to swim in the tranquil blue sea, where gentle waves caressed their bodies. In the company of their dear friends, they created cherished memories that would forever hold a special place in their hearts.

“Our aim is to craft an enchanting journey, a remarkable memory that will linger in the minds of our graduating sixth graders. This trip serves as the crowning moment of their primary school days,” expressed Mr. Muhammadun, the principal of Peduli Anak Primary School.

A total of 21 sixth graders have already completed their end-of-school exams, paving the way for their educational advancement to Peduli Anak Middle School. The teachers brim with pride, having witnessed the students excel in their exams. With unwavering hope, they aspire for these children to pursue their education to the highest level and achieve their dreams.