Remarkable Performances at Art Festival and Competition

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24 May 2023 – Some of our children took part in the West Lombok District Art Festival and Competition. It was an exciting event with various art contests. Our talented youngsters participated in two competitions: folk song singing and pantomime.

Silvi represented our school in the folk song singing competition. With confidence, she stood before the judges and showcased her melodious voice to the audience. Her performance received a standing ovation, even though she didn’t win. Silvi remained confident and felt delighted to sing while wearing beautiful traditional attire.

The next competition was pantomime. Farizi and Ridoan gave a mesmerizing performance in front of a large audience. Their confidence and acting skills entertained both the judges and the crowd. Finally, their hard work and training paid off as they emerged as winners of the contest.

“Regardless of their backgrounds, these children are incredibly talented. Our role as teachers is to guide, direct, and nurture their talents. It’s not just about achieving success, but also about boosting their confidence and helping them realize their potential,” stated Mr. Fandi, a teacher at Peduli Anak School.

The exceptional talents and achievements of these children demonstrate that every child possesses immense potential. What they truly need is proper support and guidance to explore and embrace their abilities. Peduli Anak is committed to providing this support consistently. We firmly believe that with the right nurturing, their potential will lead them to a brilliant future.