Anda mensponsori Rahim Mustiawan

Rahim Mustiawan

  • Jenis Kelamin: Male
  • Tanggal Lahir: Lingsar, 31-01-2008

Rahim Mustiawan is known as Aim. He is the third child of four. He used to live with his mother under very poor circumstances. Their house was very small, it was made of bamboo, had a cracked cement floor and a ceiling full of holes. There was loads of trash in and around the house. Aim’s mother was handicapped and it was difficult for her to find a job. She spent her days on the street, trash picking or begging with her children. Aim would get food and other basic necessities from his grandmother who was also very poor.

Because of the poor circumstances, Aim and his brothers never went to school. All his brothers got adopted by other families when their mother died in 2016. Now, Aim enjoys living at the foundation. He’s a good student who shows great promise.

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