Anda mensponsori Muhammad Ali Gifary

Muhammad Ali Gifary

  • Jenis Kelamin: Male
  • Tanggal Lahir: Suranadi, 30-04-2007

Ali used to live in a dirty small house together with his mother, stepfather and three half-brothers. Later, his mother decided to send him and his brother to their grandmother whose life was also unfortunate. Sadly, their grandmother could not take care of them anymore due to her old age and poverty. Ali was in the first grade of primary school but he had to stop due to the lack of money for his education.  Ali and his brother were recommended by a social worker of Peduli Anak Foundation to live in our children home.

In the foundation, Ali can go to school and do activities like other children. Ali is a cheerful boy. He likes watching cartoons on TV. At school, Ali likes drawing and he’s good at Mathematics.


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