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5 November 2022 – Fifteen of our children joined a painting workshop with tutors from Serunih Art Studio at Peduli Anak. They had been waiting for this opportunity and welcomed the tutor with bright smiles. They also asked many questions about painting even before the activity began.   In this event, the children learned how to […]

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13 September 2022 – Today, Ria, one of our children, graduates from university. She was majoring in counseling education at UNDIKMA (Universitas Pendidikan Mandalika). She also graduates with excellent grades and becomes one of a few cum laude graduates. “Without Peduli Anak, I would never ever dare to dream of even going to a university,” […]

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17 August 2022 – On this date, we celebrated Indonesian Independence Day. The celebration was quite lively this year. So many games were held for the children! The children were so passionate about playing them all. They teamed up with their housemates and competed against teams from other houses. This event was organized by our […]

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29 July 2022 – This month we welcomed eight volunteers from France who are members of the French Scout. They are the second group of international volunteers since our volunteer program reopened. Noe, Madeleine, Clemence, Heloise, Louis, Marie, and Ulysse stayed at the Peduli Anak campus for two weeks. Their colleague, Emilie, came three days […]

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23 June 2022 – Peduli Anak Primary School students participated in End-of-School Performance. This event was held a day before the report card distribution day. All students from the 1st grade to the 6th grade were excited to join the event. They had prepared all semester long for this event, rehearsing for drama, pantomime and […]

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18 June 2022 – Today, we welcomed four volunteers from France. They are our first international volunteers we had since we re-opened the volunteer program following the two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Ninon, Ambre, Antoine, and Sammy chose Peduli Anak as part of their company’s program to support underprivileged children in the world.  […]

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Staff of Peduli Anak Get Covid-19 Vaccinated

Pada Sabtu, 8 Mei, petugas Peduli Anak menjalani vaksinasi Covid-19. Bidang pekerjaan kami di bidang kesejahteraan sosial anak dan panti asuhan anak menempatkan kami pada posisi rentan tertular virus corona dan menyebarkannya kepada anak-anak. Oleh karena itu, segera setelah vaksin tersedia untuk masyarakat umum, kami segera mendaftarkan staf kami dan para dewasa muda yang berada […]

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Peduli Anak Received 10 Synthesizers from Music Tribe

Peduli Anak menerima 10 synthesizer yang didonasikan oleh Music Tribe & Behringer. Anak-anak di Peduli Anak sangat antusias ketika alat-alat music tersebut tiba. Mereka terlihat senang dan secara bergantian mencoba memainkannya, meski hanya bisa menekan tuts satu per satu. Anak-anak tertarik untuk belajar lebih lanjut setelah mendengar suara yang dihasilkan synthesizer itu. Apalagi, beberapa dari […]

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Grade A Accreditation

Peduli Anak Primary School received accreditation A from the National Certification Agency. We are very proud of this achievement. Based on the assessment, our primary school scored a 91. This achievement also becomes our motivation to bring better education for the students. From now on, we have a task to maintain this quality of education […]

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New Basketball Court

The construction of the basketball court is finished. Sports that children can play in our center are becoming more diverse. Previously, our sports center already had a futsal court and a swimming pool. Now, children can play basketball. The children are happy because some of the children who are not familiar with basketball can now […]

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Taekwondo Champions

Last year the Taekwondo club was founded in Peduli Anak. The children joined the club with enthusiasm. From then on, they trained hard and always listened to the instructor well. Thanks to the taekwondo club, the martial arts talent of some children became visible. Whenever there is a match, they always win. On December 19th […]

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Fun Day

After finishing the semester exams, the children in Peduli Anak participate in Fun Day. This activity is filled with various games. The children who are participating in the game must play in a team. There are a couple of games that the children participate in excitedly. Such as collecting the small balls into the basket. […]

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Children Receive Report Cards

The final exams have ended. All students of Peduli Anak Primary and Middle School receive their report cards. The homeroom teachers distribute the report cards in the classrooms. Even though the students are curious about their report cards, they wait for the teachers to call their names patiently. The teachers announce the name of the […]

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Santi Graduates from University

After four years of study, our dear child, Santi, graduates from University with satisfying results. Congratulations! She was majoring in Visual Communication Design. She was a student at Bumi Gora University Mataram. Santi joined Peduli Anak when she was in 6th grade. Her parents were divorced and left her with her old grandmother. Due to […]

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Carolina Liquid Chemistries donates Fastep Covid-19 rapid test kits

17/11/2020 – Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in Indonesia, until now, hundreds of thousands of cases have been recorded. Unfortunately, the limited capacity of the test equipment becomes an obstacle so that the number of undetected cases is estimated to be even higher. In this regard, we are grateful for the donation of the […]

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Peduli Anak Newsletter Q3 – 2020

Expanding our reach to brighten more futures 16/08/20 – All our houses are occupied and almost full! Our children live in small groups with a mother who takes care of them day and night. Together they decide the house chores and discuss the house rules. See below our latest short video with an overview of […]

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